I love to photograph people. I love to capture a little of their character in each picture.

I've been photographing weddings for over 20 years, and during that time my style has moved on with the technology. These days my style would probably be called "photojournalist", but I like to mix a bit of traditional in with it.


Professional work

A double birthday bash!

So Bec and Naomi celebrated 40 years each! More..


Fujiholics walkabout in London. 25::10::2015

Meeting at the Tate Gallery, it was a fine bright morning, with no wind. Perfect for days out and gardening, however we were gathering for a day of long exposure photography with Paul Sanders, so would have preferred overcast skies and plenty of wind!

X-T1 +18-55mm

Armed with my X-T1, 12mm Samyang, 35mm and 18-55mm lenses plus a Lee Big stopper (10 stop) ND filter and Manfrotto tripod, we split into 2 and 3s and drifted along the South Bank.

X-T1 +18-55mm

Paul pointed what he would have shot, had he taken his camera out of his bag! Under bridges and close ups of steps, always willing to help and advise on filters and settings.

X-T1 +18-55mm

X-T1 +18-55mm

X-T1 +35mm F1.4

I mostly shoot people – wedding and portraits, so abstract and long shutter speeds are a bit foreign. Always up for a challenge, it was a great time and even some good photos as well!

X-T1 +18-55mm

Augusto and Claudia

Our friends from Peru. Some more here.

Katie and Matt – a pre-wedding shoot

Katie and Matt are getting married in August. We went for walk around Bedfords park with some great light from the setting sun. The rest are here

Lovely evening to be out!

Trying out my new Lee Big stopper ND filter. 10 full stops of light reduction. A 1/30 sec becomes 30 seconds!!

A saturday afternoon

I can’t remember when a new bit of photography kit has got me out of the house just to drive around and take photos. Well the X-T1 did that this weekend! And here’s what I found, driving around Essex. All taken with the Fuji X-T1 with the 18-55mm f2.8-4 lens.

The rapeseed crop are in full flower

Greensted Church

I love the old wood texture

And then the “Essex Belle” was in full steam at Chipping Ongar

And of course, the obligatory cricket match being threatened by the weather!

Another Fuji X-T1 shot

I’ve been working away for a few nights, and got this shot through the hotel window on the 14th floor!

Big Decisions and Small Cameras


I’ve been taking photos for over 30 years, and I’ve been a Canon man for most of that time. I did have a Bronica ETRS 645 for weddings. I started with a Canon 600 (film camera, which I still have!) I’ve had an EOS 100, 50, RT(my fav) 300d, 20d, 40d, a pair of 5d classics and my current camera, a 7d. Plenty of Canon glass to match including an 85 f1.2, 35 f1.4 and 70-200 f4 IS

However, whenever I go out these days, I take my point and shoot, albeit a good point and shoot – a Canon S95. Why? Well, unless it was a paid job, it’s all too heavy. I’ve had a frozen shoulder in my right shoulder that was operated on 18 months ago. Now I have a frozen shoulder in my left shoulder! So I began to wonder. What could give me the best quality for less weight?

And then I discovered Fujifilm X cameras with their fantastic X-trans sensors and super sharp lenses. I discovered many pros had already switched their heavy Nikon or Canon bags for the Fuji X series. This outfit weighs less than 25% of my previous outfit, and yet delivers images better than my Canons!

I ordered one last week. A Fuji X-T1 with the “kit lens” – an 18-55mm F2.8-4 lens. If you want to know all the spec, just google the X-T1 for many in depth reviews. But let me say, after just 5 days I’m sold. From a few shots around the garden to shooting a Government minister, I’m seriously impressed. In fact, I’m blown away with the quality. Can’t wait to do some weddings…I will be trading the rest of my Canon equipment in the near future !!

One from the garden, taken yesterday – 10.4.2015.

 and some from the park 11.4.15

What more can I say? The images straight from the camera need little adjustment. Skin tones are lovely! Even the blue of the bluebell, which is notoriously difficult looks pretty good to me. The 18-55mm “kit lens” is as good as my Canon L lenses. Built in WiFi means I can remote control many of the settings – great fun when the camera is in front ot the bird feeder, and I’m in the conservatory! So 5 days with the X-T1 and I’m convinced – there’s no going back…..